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Recipe Making Red Bean Bakpao Cake

Recipe Making Red Bean Bakpao Cake – Bakpao is a traditional dish of Chinese origin and famous in Indonesia, Bakpao itself a lot of choices of flavors, ranging from chicken meat Bakpao, beef Bakpao ground, peanut bun, red bean bakpau.

At first the most commonly used meat is pork. However, Baozi can be filled with other ingredients, such as chicken meat, vegetables, sweet srikaya, soy bean butter, green beans. Bakpao is a tender, chewy, and soft food. The taste is varied according to the ingredients chosen according to each taste.

Leather Bakpao made from wheat flour dough that is given yeast to develop dough.

After the stuffing is given, the dough is left until fluffy and steamed until cooked. To distinguish the contents of the Bakpao, without meat or vegetarians, usually on top of the bakpao given a color pitch, as well as other fillings marked in different colors.

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If you want to find a good taste of Bakpao, come to Chinese restaurant. There are two of them that have a variety of typical bakpao with many kinds of stuffing. For example, in the Imperial Kitchen, there were bakpao of salted egg contents that had boom two years ago, but now still favorited. The flavor of the salted egg in a soft textured bakpao is gone.
While the stuffing that has been often in bakpao, such as red and brown beans, can also be found in this restaurant. Also, there are chicken meat stuffing until spinach.
In the restaurant Din Tai Fung, every year Bakpao is also made different from certain characters according to Chinese New Year. For example, there is a monkey and chicken stuffed bakpao with chocolate and red bean stuffing. “Bakpao like this is usually made for children to look more interesting to eat. Even adults can still eat it, “said Diana Samuel, Distric Manager Din Tai Fung.
Making Bakpao actually not so difficult. First, depending on the filling, such as chocolate taken from the chocolate bars that are inserted into the dough bakpao or salted egg stuffing that have been mixed other additives.

Dough Material Leather (A):

  • 225 g wheat flour.
  • 1 tbsp instant yeast.
  • 150 ml water.

Leather dough Ingredients (B):

  • 125 g wheat flour.
  • 100 g refined sugar.
  • 1 tsp baking powder.
  • 1 tbsp margarine.
  • 2 tbsp water.

Stuffing Material:

  • 200 g red beans.
  • 3 liters of water.
  • 1 tsp Green alum.
  • 75 g granulated sugar.
  • 1 pandan leaf Sheet.

How to make: 

  • Knead A to proof. Let stand for 30 minutes while closing the wet lap
  • In different containers, stir ingredients B. Mix with ingredients A and knead until smooth, soft and elastic. Let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Weigh the dough each 30 grams. Let stand for 15 minutes. Skin dough ready to fill.
  • Boil the red beans and alum until gently and the water is absorbed.
  • Put sugar, and stir until proof. After the cold, create a circle of marbles for stuffing.
  • Take a skin of bakpao, fill it, then round it.
  • Let stand 15 minutes, layer the bottom with paper or leaves, then steamed with a small flame. Serve when warm.

Easy is not it? Once you know how to make this peanut bun, you can try it in your favorite kitchen using your own hand. Homemade is certainly more assured and controlled, especially for the little food. Good luck da success!

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